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“Our mission is to provide quality education in a spiritually nourishing environment. Our goal: capable, well-rounded students who are caring global citizens.”

Who We Are

Niagara Islamic School was established for the children of the Niagara Region in 1995. For 21 years it operated out of the beautiful Niagara mosque and it helped to produce some of the best students in the area.  Many of its alumni have gone on to pursue careers in a variety of fields, including engineering, medicine, teaching, architecture, dentistry, physiotherapy and some have become entrepreneurs.  In 2017 the opportunity to expand our school came when the former Maywood Public School became available.  Niagara Islamic School then joined forces with the Muslim Association of Canada to purchase the five acre property for the establishment of a full time school and community center which would serve the needs of the entire Niagara Region.  The school and center will provide a variety of educational, religious, recreational and sports programmes to the community for years to come.


What we do

MAC Niagara Islamic School is a private school registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education.  It has Junior Kindergarten through grade 8 and offers the Ontario Curriculum in all core subjects, (with a modified health curriculum that is current and informative but designed to reflect Islamic values). In addition to the regular subjects of math, English, science, social studies, health, gym, French and art, MAC NIS also provides courses in Arabic, Islamic studies, and Quran.  Our Islamic studies programme is a mainstream programme designed to respect the various schools of thought within the Islamic faith as well as a respect for religious diversity across all faiths.  In this way, MAC NIS endeavours to produce students who are knowledgeable about the world around them, and who care for mankind and the environment. We feel that a strong identity fosters self-esteem and confidence in a child.

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