Most supplies are covered at MAC NIS, but your child should have the following items:


-pencil case containing:

pencils, erasers, sharpener, ruler, pencil crayons, glue stick, small scissors, and geometry set for students in grades 5-8

– 2-3 binders (1.5-inch ring size)

-reusable water bottle

-indoor running shoes

-prayer mat

-hijab for prayer for girls

All items, including clothes and shoes, should have your child’s initials marked in a permanent marker


For Kg to Grade 6: Our uniform consists of dark navy pants or track pants with no writing, red shirts with no writing, and navy cardigans or hoodies with no writing in cooler weather. Jeans and tights are not allowed. Shirts are available in our office. 

Track pants are preferable for our kindergarten students. 

Grade 7/8 uniform will consist of pale grey polo shirts and dark navy track pants (no writing) or dark navy regular pants. Shirts and track pants are available in the office. Tights are not allowed

Please make sure to put your child’s initials on the tags of their clothing with a permanent marker

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